Protecting and Preserving

Scottish Sea Farms values the idyllic Scottish landscape and wants to protect and preserve this particular environment for future generations

  • We measure our performance in terms of product origin, safety and ethics. We stand by principles of product and service quality, continuous improvement, and health and safety development.

    With each passing year, we become more in tune with our natural surroundings and are able to offer employment and prospects for people living in the remote areas of the UK.

  • We think hard about how we improve our performance to reduce and eliminate environmental impact, achieving the highest standards of welfare for our fish, and letting the seabed recover with the time needed.

    Scottish Sea Farms lead on biological control in Scotland. One initiative was the insertion of Ballan wrasse within our farms in order to combat the threat of sea-lice whilst respecting other marine stakeholders. Wrasse are small fish which eat the sea-lice and do not hurt the salmon. Sea-lice are a real issue across all the fishing industries. The problem was to find a solution that was both healthy and sustainable for salmon. Wrasse are working well and we continue to invest in research and development in this area.

  • We hold accreditations for customer assurance, food safety, traceability and for a culture of best practice.

    We are really proud of these two accreditations:

    • BRC food certificated
    • Global GAP