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With you in a day

Salmon are harvested and transported by wellboat just the short few miles to the processing plant. The salmon are filleted, packaged and dispatched from processing stations usually within two hours. Salmon are then sent to Glasgow where it can travel everywhere in the world - London, Paris, Tokyo - and it is possible that it can be on your plate within 24 hours. 

Scottish Sea Farms are able to have fish harvested at South Shian in the morning and landing in New York at 12:10pm the following day.

Wellboat delivery

Live wellboat transportation prior to harvesting, a pioneering idea that ensures quality and reliability of supply.

These boats contain large vats of water that closely replicate the farm water in terms of salinity and oxygen levels. Live salmon actually swim ashore to the processing facility, ensuring freshness and allowing us to closely monitor the fish from collection to dispatch.

Wellboats are equipped with cameras in the tanks to monitor salmon behaviour and stress levels. It is important to minimise stress factors which can affect fish health and quality, therefore water temperature is carefully regulated to help them settle and stay calm.