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Proud of Our People here at SSF

At Scottish Sea Farms, we are proud of our people and we trust them.

Passions Shared

At Scottish Sea Farms, we are proud of our people and we trust them.

Everybody shares the same passion for Scottish salmon and loves working in the beautiful Scottish environment, the result is naturally a high-end product and our continued success.

We currently employ a team of over 400 employees in various job roles across Scotland.

We work to make sure our employees enjoy the conditions, pay and independence to enable them to feel part of a company that does the right thing.

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Reasons to join us

  • A clear focus on sustainability runs through every aspect of our working operations. We know our staff work with integrity and accept responsibility for monitoring the impact their work has on the environment. You would be working to produce the best Scottish salmon in a clean and pure environment.

    We have invested in equipment and IT to provide our people with the tools to take informed decisions on how best to manage the performance of the fish and the site.

  • At Scottish Sea Farms, we give you a certain level of working independence that values your initiative and drive, every site is run as an individual business.

    Each site has the autonomy to take the decisions that best suit their site and take responsibility for health and safety.

    Scottish Sea Farms have a career development programme for site staff, designed to encourage individual farms to run as distinct businesses. Individuals receive the training and support required to make the sites successful.

  • We have 3 hatcheries, 2 processing plants, and farms all across Scotland, we also have a logistic department, environmental and quality, IT, HR, administration, accounts, and sales offices based in South Shian and Stirling. Among those activities there may be the perfect role for you. One where you can fully develop your potential.