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Cash boost for Oban High School pipers

The Oban Youth Pipe Band Association has secured a sponsorship deal worth £3,500 from the Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community Trust. The cash will be used to help with its running and transport costs as they compete in championships throughout Scotland.

The pipers have grown in numbers over the years and the association now has over 70 pipers and drummers, all under 18 years old. As the pipers mature many of them go on to join the award-winning town pipe band, which the Heart of the Community Trust has also supported.

New sponsored sailing dinghies for Oban sailors

Young sailors in Oban will be enjoying time on the water this year in three ’Topper’ sailing dinghies funded by a Heart of the Community Trust grant from Scottish Sea Farms.  The Oban sailing club has received £2,327 which will pay for the new dinghies.  The dinghies will be called ‘Scottish Sea Farms’ and they have just been launched at the start of this season’s sailing.

The sailing club currently own a fleet of ten single-handed training dinghies which are nearly 20 years old and nearing the end of their useful life.  The Scottish Sea Farms dinghies will be part of a fleet of 12 new dinghies to provide first class sailing opportunities for young people in Oban and the surrounding area.

Ship Ahoy at Oban Playpark

A substantial grant of £20,000 has been awarded by Scottish Sea Farms towards a new play park in the heart of Oban, Aygyll.

The Heart of The Community cash from Scottish Sea Farms will part-fund the central piece of equipment in the exciting new play park development which will take the form of a large bespoke ship.  The ‘ship’ will be unique to Oban as it has been specially designed for the new park and will include a 6-metre high climbing tower, fireman’s pole, scramble nets and climbing rocks.

This is the first phase of a play park for 5 to 15 year olds costing £237,600 which has a number of supporters and fundraising is ongoing to create a separate area for pre-schoolers.  The park will be built beside the Atlantis Leisure Centre.

Orkney team heads to International Island Games

A team of 80 Orkney-based athletes competed in the largest ever Inter-Island Games. The games were held in Jersey and Scottish Sea Farms donated £5,000 to help the sportsmen and women reach the event.

Richard Darbyshire, Regional Manager, Scottish Sea Farms, said: “This event helps to develop all sports at grass roots level and there will be a legacy with many young athletes gaining valuable experience and making lifelong friendships with other islanders.  We are delighted that our Heart of the Community funding will help some of these talented local sports people compete at this level and participate in what will be a fantastic experience.”

Sponsorship boost for Orkney rowers

A donation of £5,000 from Scottish Sea Farms has helped Orkney Rowing Club get its fundraising efforts off to a great start.  The club wants to raise a total of £40,000 to purchase additional boats and equipment for the rowers and this initial Heart of The Community grant is the first example of support from local business.

The club wish to purchase boats, namely a Shetland Yoal and two St Ayles Skiffs and the associated equipment, including sea safety and communication equipment and equipment to transport the boats.

Gillian Skuse, committee member, Orkney Rowing Club, said: “This initial cash support from Scottish Sea Farms has been a fantastic boost to us and now we are totally focused on raising the rest of the cash to purchase our new boats. We are hopeful that this generosity will encourage more businesses and locals to help us with our appeal.”

Young rugby players in Orkney secure sponsorship from Heart of the Community

Orkney RFC’S Community Rugby Project (CRP) has just received significant financial assistance of £5,000 from the Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community Trust.

The Orkney RFC Community Rugby Project is now in its 6th year and is still the sole sports development project operating in the Orkney Islands.  The running costs of the project is over £30,000 so this support from Scottish Sea Farms makes a huge contribution to the future development of the sport on the island.

Kevin Sutherland, Sponsorship Convenor, Orkney RFC, said: “We are delighted to receive this funding, it ensures that we can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for youngsters to learn and improve their rugby skills. We work hard to make rugby enjoyable and help the players to develop as individuals and team players, this cash support from Scottish Sea Farms is invaluable and together with support from SRU and Orkney Island Council we can continue to develop this successful work.“

Robotic workshops to come to Scalloway Gala

Scottish Sea Farms has donated £589 from its Heart of the Community Trust to help bring an exciting educational workshop to Shetland’s annual Scalloway Gala.

The Gala organisers secured a visit from touring educational group Dark Sky Wales, who ran a robotics workshops at the Gala. Children and young people learnt about and build a working robot, modelled on a lunar exploration rover. 

Scottish Sea Farms funding was used to pay transport costs from Aberdeen to Shetland for one visiting instructor from Dark Sky Wales.  Dark Sky Wales is a leading supplier of world class educators and astronomers to schools in the UK whose simple aim is to inspire young minds.

Heart of the Community Trust helps fund transport and music programme for Oban Young Family Group

A grant from Scottish Sea Farms has helped make 2015 brighter for the Soroba Young Family Group Project, based in the heart of the Soroba community in Oban.  The Project caters for children aged 3 months to five years and provides learning and development opportunities for the youngsters as well as allowing access to local leisure facilities and woodlands, beaches, castles and parks.

The grant of £500 from the Heart of the Community Trust paid for a buses to take the children out into the local community and the second grant of another £500 from Scottish Sea Farms at South Shian was used towards a music and movement project aiming to involve the youngsters in ballet and hip hop.

Janice Kay, Project Manager, Soroba Young Family Group Project, said: “The Project relies solely on grant funding to enable it to continue so this cash is absolutely vital to us.  Our ‘Be Healthy – Be Happy’ programme is playing a part in ensuring our youngsters get a great start in life.”

New technology to assist new Boys Brigade Company

A new computer, printer, projector and screen has been purchased for the Boys Brigade in Oban with a £1,000 grant from Scottish Sea Farms and the Heart of the Community Trust. The BB Company was reformed in 2013 after a long absence from the town and has now grown to over 35 boys in the Anchor (5-7yrs) and Junior (8-11yrs) sections.

The 1st Oban Company Boys Brigade has strong links now and historically within the local community of Oban.  The company meet weekly in Oban Congregational Church and it is projected that the company will expand to include boys from 12-15 years in the near future. 

Cameron Harris, Captain, 1st Oban Company Boys Brigade, said: “Now that we have computer and projection equipment it will really help the Company to improve its administration and organisation and, as a result, be far more proactive as a group. It will help both the leaders and the boys to plan activities and greatly enhance the leaders’ delivery of fun and educational activities for the boys and assist all of them in planning community projects.”

Mallaig prepares for Spring

The Mallaig Community Council is making sure that the village looks its very best this year with new quality planters about to replace ageing village flower tubs. Scottish Sea Farms has donated £4,376 to the community to fund the purchase of 12 new planters. Floral displays can make a huge difference to the way an area is perceived by locals and visitors alike and these new flower planters will really improve the appearance of the village centre.

Volunteers are now busy preparing the planters but it will be some weeks before the weather is mild enough to fill them with plants.

Jacqueline MacDonald, Treasurer, Mallaig Community Council, said: “These new planters will really make it a pleasure for all to stroll around the village. The old wooden tubs had reached the end of their lives and the new planters were expensive, so it is great that Scottish Sea Farms has helped us with this project.  Mallaig will certainly be blooming this summer.”

Batsmen celebrate sponsorship of St Michael’s Cricket Club

A Dumfries cricket club will be able to provide free coaching and fitness programmes to local schools as a result of cash support totalling £2,500 from the Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community Trust.

St Michaels Cricket Club based at Kingholm Park in Dumfries will now be able to provide 65 sessions across ten local schools in Dumfries and the surrounding area, with approximately 500 young people benefiting from the scheme. The first session started on Tuesday 28 April and will run for a number of weeks and the club will be providing two experienced coaches from St Michael’s to run the sessions.

Derek Heron, Secretary, St Michael’s Cricket Club, said: “We are really hoping to increase the number of young people participating in the sport of cricket at this early age. This is really important for the future of the sport and the cash support from Scottish Sea Farms will help the club develop new players now which bodes well for years to come. Any interested young players or parents can contact us on 07894 193412 or find more details on our website www.saintmichaelsdumfries.com or on our Twitter feed @StMichaelsCC.”

Tomorrow’s shinty players targeted

A new Oban based sports club has been given cash support of £4,105 from the Scottish Sea Farms Heart of the Community Trust. Oban Lorn Shinty Club is one of the country’s newest shinty clubs, having been re-established in January. This new youth team will complement and ‘feed’ players to the two existing teams in Oban and it is hoped that it will help to drive a resurgence in the sport.

The cash from Scottish Sea Farms will provide equipment, including goals, helmets, sticks and balls, as well as pitch hire for match games and the hire of indoor training facilities.  This effectively opens up the opportunity to play the game to a wider range of young people, who might not have considered it before or been unable to afford the equipment.

A whole new league for Orkney Football

Orkney Football Club (OFC) has confirmed that the team will continue to compete in a mainland league this winter, with a second year of support from the Heart of the Community Trust. Cash support to the tune of £5,000 will allow the club to travel to away games in the North Caledonian Football Association League and the island based players will be able to experience playing high level competitive football on a regular basis.

This development is a result of the continued growth of Orkney football.  The current squad at OFC has over 30 players and the team is looking forward to a healthy season of competition.

Euain Penny from Orkney Football Club, said: “Without this help from Scottish Sea Farms a league campaign would be really difficult to sustain.  Many of our players would just not be able to take part, as it will mean regular travel away from Orkney. Some of the guys already travel a fair distance to participate in training so this support is invaluable. We played well last year, finishing second in the league and we won the Ness Cup, our first ever trophy!  We hope to build on that in the forthcoming season which started with a home league game on 29 August.”