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Excellence in farming

Highly trained, motivated and skilled staff use husbandry expertise combined with the latest in appropriate technology to produce exceptional nutritious salmon, whilst ensuring we maintain environmental best practice.

  • We always consider the best life of the fish that ends up on your plate. Scottish Sea Farms work to avoid stress to the salmon throughout its life and regularly test the fish to measure biological risk.

    In the same way a land farmers lets the soil rest every so often, allowing nature to restore the delicate balance of its minerals, our sea farmers may leave a site fallow for a year or two for recovery when required.

  • We believe that salmon farming brings an opportunity to enhance and strengthen fragile communities and with it we bring a responsibility to minimise environmental impacts, both where our operations are based and along the whole international supply chain.  

  • Scottish Sea Farms employ exceptional people and have a policy of empowerment and ownership, this means that each farmer has the autonomy to plan and do what they think is best for the future of the fish and the waters in which they grow.

    There is also a team accountability because farmers are free to recruit locally and they take responsibility for health and safety.

  • At Scottish Sea Farms we are focused on the quality and service we provide. We export to over 25 different world markets and plan carefully to meet our customer needs. In order to provide customer assurance there are rigid quality and environmental systems in place. This approach has established Scottish Sea Farms as a market leader in quality.

Our Mission

  • Produce seafood from pure Scottish waters at competitive prices, which provide quality products adapted to meet the consumer requirements.
  • Develop a culture which protects and enhances the values of our employees providing benefits to our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate
  • To be a leading Producer through innovation and best practice.


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