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The Perfect Environment

Our farms can be subjected to rough sea and storm, or lapped by the velvet waters of the Scottish lochs, these are the environments in which our salmon thrive, reared first in calm freshwaters, then nurtured to maturity in fast-flowing sea currents.

  • This is where we take our fish from the very early stages helping them get to just the right size and weight ready to transfer to our farms.  This is an important part of the process for our salmon as we are growing them from an egg in incubators onto tanks where we need to check they are getting the right amount of oxygen and food to grow into strong healthy mature fish.

  • We have farms along the west coast of Scotland and in the Orkney and Shetland Islands providing our fish with the best environments to grow.  We make sure we monitor the fish ensuring they get everything they need throughout their lives on a farm.


  • We have 2 processing plants that allow us to get our fish that we have been caring for over 28 months quickly in a special boat called a “Wellboat”; which is designed to transport the fish in a happy environment from farm to processing plant.

  • These are home to all of the support functions that help our hatcheries, farms and processing teams deliver the best salmon to our customers.  They range from Finance, IT, Quality, HR, Fish Health, Environmental, Supply Chain and Sales.  It takes a great deal of expertise in all areas to grow our fish using the best people.