Scottish Salmon - The Highest Quality Scottish Salmon - Scottish Sea Farms

The King of Fish

When you hold a Scottish Sea Farms salmon in your hands, you're face to face with health and fitness, power and grace.

Look at it closely and you'll see it's perfectly in proportion. This is the result of a lifetime of activity and contentment. Next check the fins. The dorsal on the back that helps it stop and turn sharply; the caudal or tail fin used for propulsion against mighty currents. You'll see they're strong and well formed.

You'll see that its eyes are bright and clear. Just the natural texture of firm, flavoursome flesh.

That's why Scottish Sea Farms has been chosen to exclusively produce the LochmuirTM brand of salmon for Marks & Spencer.

Consistently coming first in independent taste tests, LochmuirTM is the only salmon where one portion delivers the weekly recommended intake of long chain Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) fatty acids.

It's also used as an ingredient in over 120 further products, helping create new and exciting ways for your family to enjoy salmon.