Scottish Sea Farms is a pioneering aquaculture company

We have farmed superior quality Scottish salmon for over 35 years, recruiting the right people is vital to the continued success of Scottish Sea Farms. 


A job within this area of the business will involve working with our salmon at the early stages of life.

Working with a Freshwater team in a mainland or island based location you would learn to monitor all manner of equipment that helps our stock grow into healthy mature fish. These fish then go on to stock our marine sites. Jobs involve checking tanks, incubators and oxygenation systems. There are systems involving UV or ozone equipment, and you would gain knowledge of mooring, disinfection and predator controls.

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A job within this area of the business will involve working at one of our processing locations.

You would work as part of a team in the execution of various tasks within the processing operation, including operating machinery, fish cleaning, grading and packaging. Employees would be expected to implement all tasks to achieve optimum quality and efficiency. Training in hygiene, health and safety and environmental areas would be offered and some experience in these areas may be sought. All jobs in processing treat hygiene and health and safety procedures as a priority. 

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Head Office & Sales

There are many departments located at our head office, including sales and marketing, human resources, accounts and finance and administration. We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

In particular, the sales team looks for executives that can build strong and productive customer relationships. You would develop customer accounts and aim to maximise the sales returns for Scottish Sea Farms. 

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Environmental & Science

This key area of our business involves a number of different roles and all of them play an important part in maintaining the sustainability of our industry.

These jobs can involve working at a particular site but often involves getting out and about in locations across our business. Checking on fish health at marine sites, freshwater locations and at  our processing facilities. As a highly regulated industry these jobs are vital in meeting all standards and compliance. As a company we are committed to promoting best environmental practice. 


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Marine Husbandry

A job within this area of the business will involve taking responsibility for farming our quality salmon in marine based locations.

It involves ensuring that the feeding of the quality salmon being farmed is optimised, often involving the latest technology. You would be responsible for those critical aspects of marine farm site security, namely undertaking checks to all devices, moorings, fish farm cages. Predator control would also be a key responsibility and looking after health and safety issues like accident and incident reporting. 

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